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Bryn Haworth

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‘All I Need Is A Home’ – the new video from singer songwriter Bryn Haworth, directed by International filmmaker Nigel Walk.

‘I first released this song about homelessness in 1974,’ says Bryn, ‘…but 50 years on, almost nothing has changed. I felt compelled to re-record it with the video, to help pull together the nation to make a change’

“Homelessness happened to me. Today in 2024 it could easily happen to you” – says Bryn, whose song is based on his own story of homelessness.

18 year old Bryn from Lancashire arrived in London in 1966 with little more than a guitar -sleeping in bus shelters, walking the streets by night, looking for a gigs by day. Years later, seeing himself in the faces of homeless people today, and the painful rejection of multitudes looking the other way, Bryn’s moving song powerfully portrays the agony of his own experience.

‘It’s a topic very current in the news with Government assertion that people living in tents do so as a lifestyle choice. How is that going to help those without a home?’

‘There are some great initiatives out there.’  says Bryn, ‘The official response is to build more houses, but if you have no money how can you afford these new homes that are being built?’

Homelessness can happen to anyone. It happened to me – it could happen to you.


Bryn is available for interviews about his experience of homelessness, the song, video and how we can all support homeless charities.

  • Please share the video wherever you can to help raise awareness
  • Check out the charities on our webpage and support them
  • Write to your MP with a letter available on our website.

Please don’t ignore a human being who could easily be you.

Photography (c) 2023 Nigel Walk