ABOUT – All I need is a home

All I Need Is A Home’ is Bryn Haworth’s own story of homelessness.

The 18 year old from Lancashire arrived in London in 1966 with little more than a guitar – sleeping in bus shelters, walking the streets by night, looking for gigs by day.  Eventually Bryn joined a band, toured the world with iconic bands and recorded 22 of his own albums.

All I Need Is A Home was first recorded 50 years ago on his debut solo album for Island records. 50 Years later, seeing himself in the faces of the homeless today, and the painful rejection of multitudes looking the other way, Bryn re-recorded the song for this powerful new video, portraying the agony of his own experience. As well as playing concerts and sessions, Bryn has been taking his music into prisons for the last 35 years and has seen first hand the revolving door of prisons and homelessness.

‘There are some great initiatives out there from charities’ says Bryn. ‘The Government response is to build more houses.   But if you have no money you can’t afford these new homes that are being built. And if you haven’t got a home you can’t get a job, a bank account, and start to contribute to society.

Homelessness can happen to anyone.  It happened to me and it could happen to you

This is my plea to governments: let’s prioritise those without a home.  

It’s time for some creative thinking: Turn disused warehouses into PodStreets / Mini-modular homes. Re-use empty buildings. It’s time for Land Reform. There are so many great ways to help, but it just needs the political will.

NOTHING’S CHANGED (Bryan Davies MP, speaking in the House of Commons 1974)